• Upon arrival, lifters will check-in or register for a lifting heat (7AM to 7:30AM), be weighed-in while wearing their lifting attire, and submit their opening attempts for all three lifts.
  • The rules meeting will be held 15 minutes prior to each heat. Lifters are required to arrive early to observe this meeting.
  • Lifters should be warmed up for all the lifts at the start of their flights.  Lifters may warm-up additionally (time permitting) during their lifting flights. Lifters may warm-up anywhere in the venue, but a minimum of one platform, squat cage, and bench press will be reserved for competitor warm-ups.
  • Upon being called, a lifter has 60 seconds to begin his/her lift. If the lifter is not present for the attempt or is unable to begin the lift within the allotted time, that attempt will be missed.
  • Upon completing his/her first lifts, the lifter has 60 seconds to announce his/her second attempt weight to the head table.  The lifter order will be reassigned based on the weight requested.
  • Upon the completion a second attempt, lifters should begin to warm-up for the next lift.

Mens’ Weight Classes

Upto 135 lbs

135 – 150 lbs

150 – 175 lbs

175 – 190 lbs

190 205 lbs

205 – 220 lbs

220 lbs and above

Womens’ Weight Classes
Upto 95 lbs

95 – 110 lbs

110 – 125 lbs

125 – 140 lbs

140 – 155 lbs

155 – 170 lbs

170 – 190 lbs

190 and Above

Compete Rules & Regulations